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The Art of Eyebrow Threading , Transforming Your Eyebrows into the Perfect Shapes...


Eyebrow Threading in Portland, Oregon

Threading is a great solution for both men and women, and it takes only minutes to transform your entire look. The threading thechnique can be used all over the face and will remove the tiniest of hairs from the follicle. This thechnique is the most precise method of hair removal and shaping of the eyebrow as it allows the technician to maneuver the thread around the face structure and create amazing looking eyebrows. Additionally threading does not damage your skin and you don't get those droopy eyelids usually associated with waxing, which can result in peeling skin and irritation.

Benefits of Threading

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No mater how good you are at shaping your own brows, you will notice a huge difference if you have them professionally manicured. Visiting Brow Bliss could be described as the equivalent to a mini face-lift. The technique takes no longer than 10 minutes and leaves your brows looking defined and beautiful. Threading is now seen as a daily grooming necessity as it transforms your entire look. So come and visit us today and let us help you become a more beautiful you

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